Talent & Economic Mobility

Focus Area:

Talent & Economic Mobility


Goal: Invest in Berks County’s greatest asset – its people – by supporting structures to connect residents to opportunity jobs so that they may more fully contribute to and benefit from the Berks County economy

What We Look To Achieve

Opportunity Jobs


We’re committed to enhancing access to Opportunity Jobs. By focusing on these types of  jobs we commit to addressing economic mobility for our residents.  Partnering with organizations like Connections Work, I-LEAD, and Tec Centro Berks, funding to support their programming leads to direct impacts on educational attainment and job placements. 

We identified English proficiency and communication in the workforce as a key barrier to entry for many residents. Customized programming that helps Spanish-speaking individuals access English Language Learning courses can increase options, opportunities, and provide that pathway to Opportunity Jobs.  

I-LEAD is providing HiSET classes and exams to help individuals receive their High School Diplomas and Certificates to access to higher-paying jobs.  

Tec Centro Berks has several Occupational Training programs for in-demand professions.  In the field of healthcare, their training courses lead to jobs and serves as a pipeline for further education opportunities at Reading Area Community College. 

Connections Work in partnership with the Berks County Workforce Development Board are using a Youth Reentry Grant to help 18 to 24 year-olds build work skills and land an opportunity job. 

The first graduation cohort of students from Tec Centro Berks new healthcare program
Project Partners:

Meet Greater Reading


Goal: Support businesses in recruiting talent for immediate hiring, retaining employees, and reducing the number of labor force exits. 

Did you know that we have an entire website devoted to talent attraction and retention? 

Economic development doesn’t happen without available talented people. We want to showcase Berks County as a location of choice for new and current talent. That’s Meet Greater RDG’s focus.

It’s a tool, it’s a resource, it’s for you!

Read the latest issue of the Meet Greater Reading magazine by clicking on the image on the left.

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It continues as an opportunity for the community to direct actions to realize our vision of Berks County as a place where all residents and businesses can thrive, entrepreneurship and innovation flourish, and the region’s diversity is celebrated and supported, enabling all Berks County residents to prosper. Sure, the result of the work was an Economic Development Action Plan, but that was just the first milestone. From there we are investing time and resources into implementing the plan with our community partners. This website is an evolving resource to share information about the plan and its goals. We hope that you stay up to date as we implement the strategies — let’s imagine and build a better Berks County.
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As we continue to implement the Economic Development Action Plan, we recognize that it is an ongoing process that requires active engagement from the community. We believe that the residents of Berks County hold invaluable insights and perspectives that can contribute to the success of our vision. Through this website, we aim to create an inclusive platform where information about the plan and its goals can be easily accessed and shared. We want to keep you informed about the progress we are making, the initiatives we are undertaking, and the impact we are having on the community. We invite you to explore the website regularly and stay up to date with the latest updates and developments. By doing so, you can actively participate in the realization of our shared vision for a better Berks County. We encourage you to provide feedback, share ideas, and engage in constructive discussions. Together, we can imagine and build a community where everyone can thrive, where entrepreneurship and innovation flourish, and where the diversity of our region is celebrated and supported. We believe that by harnessing the collective power of our community, we can overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and create a prosperous and inclusive future for Berks County. Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to building a better tomorrow.
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