While IMAGINE Berks is a plan, it is not just a plan made to sit on a shelf. Since day 1, implementation of the plan has been a main focus. Through the strategic investment of the Berks County Grant program, projects which aligned with IMAGINE Berks goals and outcomes were identified under a specific category for implementation funding.

IMAGINE Berks Category

Implementation Amount (Rounded to the nearest $10,000)

Business & Industry Growth


Small Business & Entrepreneurship


Talent & Economic Mobility




Infrastructure & Land Use




The funds above include projects which were funded through the Berks County Grants program’s first round. Round 2 of that funding will be opening at the beginning of November 2022. The projects above cover everything from water and sewer capacity increases to supporting local procurement from farms and producers to our school districts.

The Berks County Commissioners made a concerted effort to support the IMAGINE Berks plan and its implementation by awarding $100,000 to Alvernia University’s Financial Lending and Innovation Collaborative (FLIC) & $450,000 to Pennsylvania’s Americana Region. FLIC is a microgrant program which helps small businesses and entrepreneurs take the next steps to grow their businesses. The grant for the Americana Region is to support their tourism marketing campaigns and programs.

Check back soon as more information will be posted regarding the next round of Berks County Grant funding.

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