The IMAGINE Berks planning process is nearing completion, with final adoption anticipated later this summer. The initiative has been a successful first step in enhancing Berks County as a place where all residents and businesses can thrive.


Berks County is a welcoming community that supports an exceptional quality of life, including robust business and industry, rich cultural heritage, and a resilient economy. The county’s unique mix of rural and urban spaces is enhanced by the people who join together to foster and share the community’s assets. The county’s population is growing in size and diversity, creating momentum and a basis for a successful economic future.


Through this strategic economic development plan, the community is asked to imagine Berks County as a place where our diverse assets are recognized, uplifted, and celebrated to ensure economic prosperity for all. By joining together to champion and implement this strategic plan, Berks County will transform this vision into reality.


On June 30, 2022, the project team provided a preview of the IMAGINE Berks Plan to the community at a virtual event hosted by the Berks Alliance called “Imagine Berks: A Plan for Our Shared Future.”


We encourage you to view the presentation from this event, which outlines the vision, key principles, goals, and strategies of the plan. It also includes the metrics that will be used to measure progress during the plan’s implementation. The presentation may be found on the IMAGINE Berks Resources Page.


While the IMAGINE Berks Planning process is nearing completion, this is just the first milestone of the project. Next, we will begin to invest time and resources into implementation of the plan’s strategic recommendations, prioritizing the very things that our community has identified as areas of opportunity and challenges we must address.

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