How do you IMAGINE Berks? That is the question we asked hundreds of people at the 4th Annual Berks Cultural Diversity Festival hosted by Bring the Change. This event took place at City Park on Sunday October 1st, and the beautiful weather lead to hundreds of people from all over the community coming together to celebrate one of our greatest assets, our diversity. The IMAGINE Berks team was set up at a booth to ask the community what comes to mind when they think about Berks County and the area they call home. We had no shortage of responses and we identified 7 common themes:  Housing, Physical Spaces, Safety, Environment, Education, Community, and Acceptance.

Ashley Showers and Derek Harris stand next to a sticky-note filled idea board.
Ashley Showers and Derek Harris stand next to 1 of 2 idea boards covered in sticky notes.


Housing, there was a lot of content surrounding the need for more affordable housing and better housing availability.

Physical Spaces, folks mentioned better parking infrastructure, more walk to work careers, and better maintenance of roadways.

Safety, people were split on the safety of the community, many felt it was safe and comfortable, while others hoped for less violence and cleaner streets.

Environment, Our parks and the natural beauty of the county were some specific highlights.

Education, the quality of arts and extracurriculars were mentioned as key pieces appreciated in our County.

Community, festivals, caring people, and available resources were top comments from some of the festival-goers.

Acceptance, diversity, equality, and the having an accepting community were considered key community assets.

We were encouraged by the participation and interaction with our residents and visitors and that overall comments were encouraging and positive.  With almost 200 sticky-notes on our idea boards  – it made our day!  We look forward participating in more events in our community and continuing to ask How do you IMAGINE Berks?!